Technology Resources

Departmental Technology Resources

Copy requests may be submitted using the copy request log at the front desk of 421 Denney Hall. Copy requests will be fulfilled within 48 hours. With the goal of adhering to copyright/fair use best practices coupled with managing the workload of the front desk staff, copy limits have been set to a limit of 20% of a publication. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the front desk is not currently taking copy requests

For assistance with the department copiers, please contact the front desk staff in 421 Denney Hall in person, by phone (614-292-6065) or by email

For information on copy and printing allowances for the semester, visit the Department Policy and Procedure page on EngSource and click on the accordion labeled "Copying and printing allowance and procedure (Follow Me Printing)"

We now have access to Follow Me Printing, a service that allows you to send documents to the cloud and be released for printing at your convenience. Follow instructions for Xerox Printers to use the printer in 421 Denney Hall. You will need your BuckID to print and copy.

All faculty, staff and GAs should follow the instructions linked below to use Follow Me Printing.

NOTE: If you're printing from a personal device, a mobile device or from off-campus, either use the Follow Me Printing app or print from the web. Instructions for this are on the final page of the instructions PDF, which you can find at the Uniprint site linked below.

UniPrint Faculty and Staff instructions for using Follow Me Printing

If you need to borrow an adapter, need audio or video recorders for a class or are interested in a workshop for your class on something like Audacity, Adobe Spark or iMovie, check out the Digital Media Project (DMP)

University Technology Resources: What Do I Do If...

If you're having trouble with your laptop, desktop or other equipment managed by Arts and Sciences Technology Services, contact ASCTech. To request services, visit ASCTech's Service Catalog and select the category that applies to your request. If none of the categories meet your needs, select the "Request Help" link at the bottom of the page.

ASCTech also offers walk-in hours--for more info, visit the ASCTech homepage.

OCIO is your best bet for issues with university-wide systems like OSUwireless, university email or Skype. BUT--if you are having trouble with something like email, OSUwireless, Carmen or another university system, the best place to check first is OCIO's System Status page. That will help you figure out if the issue you're encountering is due to your particular account, or if it's happening across the university.

If you do need to request help from OCIO, you can call 614-688-4357 (HELP), or check out their Service Catalog to request assistance. 

If you're having trouble with CarmenCanvas or with CarmenZoom, follow these steps: 

Depending on the problem, you may be able to contact OCIO (see accordion above). If you need in-person assistance, and need someone to physically work on your computer or laptop, check out the services offered by BuckeyeBar

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, BuckeyeBar services are currently limited to the Thompson library location and are by appointment only.


If you have an urgent need (e.g. everything shuts down unexpectedly, the projector isn't working at all, there's a squirrel in your classroom), call Classroom Services at 614-688-4357 (HELP).

If you're experiencing an issue that can wait until your next class period to be addressed (e.g. there's a bug in a particular program on your classroom computer, the projector is a little finicky), you can request onsite assistance from Classroom Services.

Assuming the room you're teaching in is in the general classroom pool (which most are), you can visit ODEE Classroom Service's Classroom Search page. You can find out what technology is available in your classroom, and see pictures of the furniture and room layout.

Teaching Resources

A number of groups on campus have collaborated to create the Teaching and Learning Resource Center, which compiles resources and strategies for both in-person and online teaching, including OSU-specific documentation for our core e-learning tools.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, the university created Keep Teaching, a collection of online, hybrid and in-person teaching resources. These resources include strategies for each mode of teaching, the "Carmen Key Four," and more. The site also has a schedule of upcoming teaching workshops. All of these workshops are recorded and posted on the Keep Teaching playlist.

Computer Refresh Information

The College of Arts and Sciences ASCTech Computer Refresh Program replaces faculty and staff computers every four years.  If you are eligible for a new computer, Wayne Lovely will email you as soon as the program is rolled-out each year. Once notified, reply to Wayne with your selection, and wait for his email reply regarding next steps.

NOTE: This program is currently paused due to COVID-19

The Chair will determine if any portion of the annual fund allowance may be used to purchase requested equipment or software that is not part of the ASCTech Computer Refresh Program. To request an equipment purchases send an email to listing the specific item requested, estimated price for item, and a brief rationale (150 words or less) detailing the necessity and specific research business purpose of the equipment. The Fiscal Associate will reply regarding approval & next steps.

Other University Technology Resources

To activate or edit your university account, visit This site will allow you to change your password, change your email delivery and view or edit your account security questions.

As of right now, the university uses BuckeyeBox for cloud storage. HOWEVER, BuckeyeBox will be retired in June 2021, and the university will be transitioning cloud storage to Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Teams.

Ohio State's IT team has put together resources for faculty, staff and students to use in the cloud storage transition. These resources will give you guidance on cleaning up your files, information on SkySync (the tool that Ohio State will be using to migrate everyone's files), and links to trainings on using OneDrive and Teams.

U.OSU is the university's easy-to-use professional website platform. For information and resources on how to build a website using U.OSU, check out the Teaching and Learning Resource Center's U.OSU Toolkit.

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