Education Abroad

The Ohio State University offers many study abroad options, and we are happy to feature several options from the English department.


Literary Locations, the signature study abroad opportunity in the Department of English, invites students to study the literature, art, and history of a location before traveling to that site. In the spring semester, students take a three-credit course (English 4400) that focuses on the specific cultural contributions of a particular place. Then, in May, students visit those sites and participate in activities relevant to the course subject like seeing plays, visiting art galleries and taking literary/historical walks. Students earn an additional one-credit (English 5193) for this approximately ten-day long trip. English 4400 can be applied toward the English major, the English minor or overall university degrees. 

2020: Venice, Italy – Cancelled

2019: Rome, Italy
Students visited such sites as the Forum, the Colosseum and the Pantheon after spending the semester studying poems, fiction, films, art and essays about Rome over the last two millennia.

2018: Dublin, Ireland
Students studied James Joyce and W. B. Yeats, and they visited the Lake Isle of Innisfree, the beautiful West Country and the hills of Glendalough. 

2017: Athens and Greece
Students read Greek literature such as The Odyssey and Cavafy's poems alongside English works inspired by Greece and modeled after Greek writers. At the end of the semester, they explored the landscape and ruins of Athens, the oracle at Delphi, the ancient theater at Epidavros, the quaint city of Nafplion and the island of Corfu.

2016: Bath & Dorset, England
Students considered the literature of Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, and they then traveled to locations throughout southwest England, including Bath, Lyme Regis, Dorchester, Salisbury and Stonehenge.


In this month-long study abroad program, students study the literature, culture, history and art of London while living in the capital. This three-credit course focuses on a different topic each year – for instance, London on Stage and Screen, or London and Detective Fiction. Excursions and activities in the city and beyond immerse students in London’s deep cultural history. This upper-division course can be applied toward the English major, the English minor or overall university degrees.

May 2023: “Detecting Victorian London: Crime in the City”

Professor Kay Halasek and Professor Jennifer Schnabel 

Applications due by January 4, 2023

For more information and to apply, see this site here


2022: “Speculative London”

2020: “Representations of Black London” – Cancelled

2019: “Children’s Literature”

2018: “Victorian Crime And Detective Fiction”

2016: “London on Stage and Screen”


Global May programs are offered by the Office of International Affairs, and some are led by English faculty members. These programs are intended for first- and second-year students of any major, allowing students to begin their global education early in their college careers. Each Global May program allows students to explore the history, culture, current events and major issues of its titular country.