Leadership and Staff



Faculty administration
Susan Williams, Chair of the Department of English
Ryan Friedman, Vice Chair
Christa Teston, Vice Chair of Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy

Faculty directors
Scott DeWitt, Director of First-Year Writing 
Aman Garcha, Director of Graduate Studies
Kathy Fagan Grandinetti, Director of Creative Writing
Elizabeth Hewitt, Director of Undergraduate Studies
John Jones, Director of Digital Media Studies
Beverly Moss, Director of Second-Year Writing
Margaret Price, Director of Disability Studies Program
Christa Teston, Director of Business and Technical Writing

Executive Committee
Susan Williams, Chair
Ryan Friedman, Vice Chair
Marcus Jackson, Diversity Officer
Elizabeth Kolkovich, Regional Faculty Representative (Alternate: Katie Braun)
Simone Drake, Professor
Jared Gardner, Professor
Tommy Davis, Associate Professor 
Leslie Lockett, Associate Professor
Nick White, Associate Professor
Sarah Neville, Assistant Professor
Lindsay Martin, Staff Representative
Tamara Mahadin, EGO Representative
Lizzy Nixon, Associated Faculty Representative
Cathy Ryan, Associated Faculty Representative
Maria Trusty, EUGO Representative

Committee chairs
Chris Highley, Lectures and Events
Marcus Jackson, Diversity and Inclusion
Drew Jones, Promotion and Tenure
Brian McHale, Awards and Nominations
Robyn Warhol, Communications & Development

Regional campus department coordinators
Daniel Keller, Faculty Coordinator for the Newark Campus 
Cynthia Callahan, Faculty Coordinator for the Mansfield Campus
David Adams, Faculty Coordinator for the Lima Campus
Stuart Lishan, Faculty Coordinator for the Marion Campus

Associated faculty coordinators
Lee Martin
Jesse Schotter (SP22)
Lauren Squires (AU21)


Wayne Lovely, Administrative Manager
Sarah Beaumont-White, HR and Fiscal Associate


Mike Bierschenk, Educational Technologist
Tess Cumpstone, Creative Writing Program Assistant
Elizabeth Falter, Manager of the Digital Media Project
Jameson Gower, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Kathleen Griffin, Coordinator of the Graduate Studies Program
Ashleigh Hardin, Associate Director of First-Year Writing
Lindsay Martin, Coordinator of the Professional Writing Minor Program
Travis Nixon, Assistant to the Chair
MaryKatherine Ramsey, Program Coordinator for Scheduling and Student Retention
Katie Stanutz, Undergraduate Programs Manager


Elizabeth Falter, Communications Team Supervisor
Emily Cunningham, Student Communications Assistant
Jayasree Sunkireddy, Student Communications Assistant
Lily Triplett-Boyd, Student Communications Assistant


Cynthia Lynn Schneider, Department Ambassador Team Lead
Nalijah Daniels, Student Administrative Assistant
Lauren Morris, Student Administrative Assistant
Sofia Racevskis, Student Administrative Assistant
Emily Swick, Student Administrative Assistant
Casey Ziegler, Student Administrative Assistant