Leadership and Staff



Full List of Service Assignments, 2019-20

Faculty administration
Robyn Warhol, Chair of the Department of English
Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́, Vice Chair of the Department of English
Jonathan Buehl, Vice Chair of Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy

Faculty directors
John Jones, Director of Digital Media Studies
Aman Garcha, Director of Graduate Studies
Kathy Fagan Grandinetti, Director of Creative Writing
Karen Winstead, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Christa Teston, Director of Business and Technical Writing

Executive Committee
Robyn Warhol, Chair
Megan Lemming, Assistant to the Chair and Creative Writing Program
Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́, Vice Chair
Ryan Friedman, Diversity Officer
Carolyn Skinner, Regional Faculty Representative (Katie Braun, alternate)
Dorry Noyes, Full Professor
Susan Williams, Full Professor (Wendy Hesford & Chris Highley, Full Professor alternates)
Andreá Williams, Associate Professor
Elizabeth Hewitt, Associate Professor (Jill Galvan, Associate Professor alternate)
Elissa Washuta, Assistant Professor
Jake Risinger, Assistant Professor (Sarah Neville, Assistant Professor alternate)
Eddie Singleton, Staff Representative
Dan Seward, Associated Faculty Representatives
Rachel Stewart, Undergraduate Representative (elected by EUGO)
Liz Miller, Graduate Representative (elected by EGO)

Committee chairs
Alan Farmer, Enrollment and Budget Advisory
Angus Fletcher, Communications & Development
Ryan Friedman, Diversity and Inclusion
Hannibal Hamlin, Awards Nominations
Drew Jones, Promotion and Tenure
Sean O’Sullivan, Lectures and Events

Regional campus department coordinators
Daniel Keller, Faculty Coordinator for the Newark Campus 
Cynthia Callahan, Faculty Coordinator for the Mansfield Campus
Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, Faculty Coordinator for the Lima Campus
Stuart Lishan, Faculty Coordinator for the Marion Campus

Associated faculty coordinators
Andreá Williams
Lauren Squires (SP 2020)
Scott DeWitt (AU 2019)


Wayne Lovely, Administrative Manager
Sarah Beaumont-White, HR and Fiscal Associate


Mike Bierschenk, Educational Technologist
Kathleen Griffin, Coordinator of the Graduate Studies Program
Lindsay Martin, Coordinator of the Professional Writing Minor Program
Megan Lemming, Assistant to the Chair and Creative Writing Program
Deb Lowry, Associate Director of Curriculum and Assessment
MaryKatherine Ramsey, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Eddie Singleton, Director of the First-Year Writing Program
Katie Stanutz, Undergraduate Programs Manager
Elizabeth Falter, Manager of the Digital Media Project


Elizabeth Falter, Communications Team Supervisor
Madalynn Conkle, Student Communications Team Leader
Nicole Leavitt, Student Communications Assistant
Avery Samuels, Student Communications Assistant
Sophie Wong, Student Communications Social Media Manager


Carmen Greiner, Student Administrative Staff Supervisor
Nalijah Daniels, Student Administrative Assistant
Lill Edwards, Student Administrative Assistant
Natalie Keener, Student Administrative Assistant
Hana Le, Student Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Lynn Schneider, Student Administrative Assistant
Jade Werner, Student Administrative Assistant