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Affiliated Departments and Programs

Interdisciplinary in its makeup, the Department of English pursues collaborations with many other departments and programs across the college and the university. Students and faculty reach beyond the boundaries of traditional English studies to work in many disciplines. The programs listed below have longstanding connections with English.



The following programs are intersicplinary in nature. Most programs exist outside of the Department of English, but a few are housed in the Department with significant collaborations between external units. All programs below are directed by Department of English faculty members. 

The Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing is an interdisipclinary support and research unit in the College of Arts and Sciences. The CSTW draws upon Ohio State's tradition of leadership in the fields of writing, rhetoric and literacy, and it is committed to fostering excellence among writers and teachers of writing at The Ohio State University and in the state of Ohio. The CSTW is home to the Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program.
Director: Susan Lang

The Disability Studies Program is housed in the Department of English. Established in 1997, the DSP emphasizes interdisciplinary and intersectional work in disability studies, treating disability as a political, cultural and social process — placing as much importance on structures, relations and representations as on individual bodies. The DSP values collaborative research and learning, and each year, they are visited by distinguished scholars and activists. Recent visitors sponsored by the DSP include Liat Ben-Moshe, Diana Louis, Jay Dolmage, Aimi Hamraie, Mimi Khúc, Ann Fox, Sami Schalk, Jina Kim and Michael Montoya.
Director: Margaret Price

The Film Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program in the critical study and production of moving-image art.

The Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme demonstrates the value of the arts and humanities to address global concerns and to empower faculty and students to contribute to society as change agents. GAHDT builds intellectual community among faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences and across Ohio State; deepens student engagement and experiential learning in the humanities and arts; and increases Ohio State's national recognition and distinction in the humanities and the arts. 
Faculty Director: Wendy S. Hesford

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Fine Arts
Director: Michelle Herman

The Humanities and Cognitive Sciences High School Summer Institute is a week-long day camp that provides a critical-thinking forum for rising high school students to explore critical questions at the intersection of the humanities and cognitive sciences.Through daily lectures, interactive discussions, research exploration and collaborative activities with Ohio State students and faculty across campus, scholars learn central aspects of how interdisciplinary work between the two fields helps us understand how we imagine, artistically create and materially transform the world in which we live. Additionally, scholars have the unique opportunity to develop a group research presentation on a topic of their choosing, which they will present as a culminating activity for the Institute. 
Co-director: Frederick Luis Aldama

Latinx Space for Enrichment and Research is a Latinx community dedicated to academic excellence and expanding the presence of Latinx students at The Ohio State University. Housed in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, LASER seeks to prepare Latinx students for admission to Ohio State, to succeed while in college and to become professionals who will actively shape a better tomorrow for Latinx people everywhere. 
Director: Frederick Luis Aldama

MA in Medical Humanities and Social Sciences and  Minor in Medical Humanities
The MA in Medical Humanities and Social Sciences and the Minor in Medical Humanities programs both operate out of the Department of English. The MA in MHSS program provides transformational insights into illness and treatment, death and dying, doctor-patient relationships and the institutions, practices and cultural discourses of medicine. The Minor in Medial Humanities instructs students about the social and cultural contexts of health, illness and medical care.
Director: James Phelan

Sexuality Studies Program Academic Advising examines how social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, biological and political contexts shape sexual practices, expressions, identities and representations. 
Coordinator: Joe Ponce