Digital Media Project

Digital Media Project

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Our Mission

The Digital Media Project supports teaching and research in Digital Media Studies by centrally locating state of the art technology and expertise for teachers, students, and scholars in the Department of English.

Our purpose is to lead in the sustained re-imagining of teaching, learning, and research across a variety of areas in English studies including: rhetoric/composition/literacy, literature, film, folklore, narrative theory, critical theory, creative writing, and disability studies.

The aim of the DMP is to continually re-examine and re-imagine new forms of composing, literacy, and communication in the creation of knowledge in scholarly endeavors and learning environments.


DMP Hours

Until further notice, the DMP is operating remotely due to COVID-19. If you have inquiries or would like assistance with digital media work in the Department of English, please contact us at

DMP Staff

DMP Manager: Elizabeth Falter

DMP Workshops

Check back here for information on upcoming DMP workshops! For recordings of past workshops, check out our Resources page, or visit the DMP YouTube channel.


The Ohio State University’s Department of English and the Digital Media Project are proud to host a week-long institute on the effective use of digital media in college composition classrooms. Participants will explore a range of contemporary digital literacy practices – alphabetic, visual, audio, and multimodal – and apply what they learn to the design of meaningful assignments, syllabi, curricula, and programs.

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