Digital Media Project

Digital Media Project

Fun Facts

What is the Digital Media Project?

The Digital Media Project (DMP) serves as a digital and technology hub for the Department of English. We support students’ academic and intellectual growth during their time at The Ohio State University, we prepare students to be tech- and digital-media-savvy professionals after they leave our campus, and we train our instructors so that they can incorporate cutting-edge digital media pedagogy into their teaching both in our department and in future faculty positions.

Our Mission

To enrich the experience of students in the English department through digital media production work.

Through DMP resources, from video cameras to computers equipped with specific programs geared towards English courses, students are able to expand their understanding of elements of the English curriculum from narrative to critical analysis to writing and more. Whether students are creating a film for Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus or crafting an accessible text for a Disability Studies course, the DMP strives to provide the resources necessary to ensure that all students find success.

To prepare students to succeed in the professional world after they graduate.

English majors and minors have long been sought-after hires in a wide range of fifields because they can communicate clearly and with ease. In today’s work world, communication takes a variety of forms, from writing to images to video to animations. The DMP helps students develop fluency in all these forms of communication by training them in a range of genres like video and podcasts using industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Cloud.

To train instructors in cutting-edge digital media pedagogy.

The DMP offers instructors the opportunity to develop their own skills in digital media production and incorporate digital media into their own teaching. We accomplish this through staff-led workshops, as well as through our support of the Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC), an annual teacher-training program.


DMP Hours

Summer 2023

The DMP is available by appointment only over the summer. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, email

DMP Staff

DMP Manager: Elizabeth Falter

DMP Workshops

Check back here for information on upcoming DMP workshops! For recordings of past workshops, check out our Resources page, or visit the DMP YouTube channel.


The Ohio State University’s Department of English and the Digital Media Project are proud to host a week-long institute on the effective use of digital media in college composition classrooms. Participants will explore a range of contemporary digital literacy practices – alphabetic, visual, audio, and multimodal – and apply what they learn to the design of meaningful assignments, syllabi, curricula, and programs.

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