Four English Faculty Honored at 2014 Faculty Reception

January 7, 2015
Photo of Renker, Itagaki and Johnson with their awards

Originally Published October 29, 2014

Four Ohio State English professors received awards at yesterday afternoon's Arts & Humanities Faculty Recognition Reception. The reception celebrated recent awards, publications, exhibitions, and performances by faculty authors and artists.

Professor Nan Johnson was awarded the Rodica C. Botoman Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring. This award comes with a prize of $5000 and is given to a Humanities faculty who best exemplifies excellence as a teacher of undergraduates.

Assistant Professor Lynn Itagaki was awarded an Arts & Humanities Diversity Enhancement Award. This award recognizes faculty who increase the participation and recognition of diverse groups at, and demonstrate a significant impact for, Ohio State and the Columbus community.

Professor Elizabeth Renker was one of five inaugural recipients of the Arts & Humanities Donald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award. The Ratner Award recognizes faculty for developing new courses, original materials, and/or innovative methods and venues for delivery, as well as for making a difference in students’ educations, lives, and careers.

Associate Professor Thomas Davis was awarded the Paul W. Brown Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching in the Departments of English and History. This award is given to a faculty member from the Department of English and a faculty member from the Department of History who exemplifies excellence in teaching undergraduates.

Congratulations, English faculty!