Application for The Ohio State University's Young Writers Program

If you participated in last year’s Young Writers Workshop as a rising junior, you are welcome to apply again this year. Your application will be evaluated in exactly the same way as the others.

Personal Information
Pronoun preference
Ex: Vegetarian, vegan, no pork, kosher, etc.
Contact Information
Street Address
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Parent/Guardian Information
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School and Placement Information
Current Grade Level
Please note, you MUST be in either 10th or 11th grade currently to apply for this program.
(ie: songwriting, screenwriting, etc.)
Upload a Statement of Interest and a Writing Sample

Please do not put your name or any other identifying information on either of the files uploaded below. They will be evaluated anonymously by the Director of the YWW Program.

Statement of Interest

Please submit a statement (no more than one page long) about your interest in writing, and why you would like to be a participant in the Young Writers Workshop at Ohio State.

File must be in Adobe .pdf or Word .doc or .docx file format.
Upload requirements

Writing Sample

Do not submit academic/analytical papers or other essays that are samples of your critical writing: we are interested in your fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction (by the latter, we mean, for example: a true story about your life, a reflective personal essay that expresses your thoughts and ideas about something you've observed or experienced, a piece of literary journalism, or any other piece of writing that showcases your own creativity).

This writing sample, along with your statement of interest, is the single basis for your admission into the Young Writers Workshop, so choose it carefully. (It can be something you've written for school or something you’ve written on your own, or a combination of the two.)

File must be in Adobe .pdf or Word .doc or .docx file format.
Upload requirements