WIL-E Curriculum

Writing + Information Literacy in English at The Ohio State University consists of the courses English 1110.01, English 1110.02 and English 1110.03. All three of these courses fulfill the university’s foundational General Education Writing + Information Literacy requirement, though each is structured slightly differently to respond to the needs of a range of students. We also administer English 1193 and 1109, which support students working to meet the goals of foundational Writing + Information Literacy.

English 1110.01 or 1110.02

English 1110.01 or 1110.02, First-Year English Composition. English 1110.01 provides exposure to and practice of critical analysis through extensive writing practice and intensive reading of student- and professionally-authored texts. English 1110.02 differs from English 1110.01 in that the course readings are primarily literary texts.

English 1110.03

English 1110.03, First-Year English Composition. Students can place directly into 1110.03 from the placement test or take this course following successful completion of 1109. The curriculum of 1110.03 is aligned with the curriculum of all 1110 courses, and students who complete this course receive credit for WIL.

English 1193

In addition, students in 1110.03 concurrently enroll in English 1193, a one-hour corequisite that provides additional support.

English 1109

English 1109, Intensive Writing and Reading. Individual syllabi vary somewhat, but most sections ask students to investigate a theme through intensive writing and reading. The goal of this course is to give students intensive practice with college-level reading and writing projects. After completing 1109, students enroll in 1110.03. 1109 does not meet the requirements for WIL in the GE.