Technical + Scientific Writing

Technical + Scientific Writing Staff

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Dr. Christa Teston, Director
Julianna Crame, Graduate Writing Program Associate
Dr. Susan Lang

Course Offerings

English 3305: Technical Writing
Following science, technology, engineering and biomedicine’s lead, this course takes a socially just approach to teaching technical writing. To facilitate such an approach, we will rely on a decolonial lens. That is, we won’t just produce technical documentation; we will also consider how technical writing is a form of power that can either act in service to or disrupt harmful social hierarchies. We will experiment with how to craft technical documents that amplify equity and inclusion. Toward that end, you’ll gain experience with rewriting policy documents, researching public land use, destigmatizing medical instructions and communicating scientific research.

English 3020: Writing about Sustainability
: Sustainability theme “Writing about Sustainability” is an advanced-level writing course that fulfills the GE requirements for the Sustainability Theme by asking students to consider their place in the natural world through the following learning activities: conducting primary and secondary research, analyzing data, composing and revising written arguments, and becoming more proficient with the conventions of academic discourses. Throughout the semester, we will use rhetorical theory as a lens for asking and investigating answers to some of the following questions: How do we interact with the natural world, and how does our human-made environment interact with the natural environment? How unequal are these encounters? Which groups in society have access to a natural environment that is safe vs. dangerous, polluted vs. unpolluted, wild vs. built, sustainable vs. unsustainable? How has and could writing about such questions affect meaningful change?