Irma J. Zamora

MA/PhD in English Student



Irma J. Zamora is a first-generation Latina graduate student in the Department of English. Her main research and academic interests include: Latinx studies; the representation of immigrant stories in the national sociopolitical narrative; and the contrasts of storytelling formats (e.g. testimonios, cuentos, autobiographies, auto-ethnographies, etc.) and how they impact power structures for marginalized communities in Anglo-centric dialogues. Additionally, she aims to include queer, gender, and citizenship lenses to the understanding of experiences of unDACAmented immigrants and mixed-status families across the United States. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Latinx studies
  • Latinx literature
  • Cultural citizenship
  • Immigration, citizenship, mixed-status family narratives
  • BA, Spanish, Amherst College, 2017

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(614) 292-6065
547 Denney Hall
Columbus campus