M. Elise Robbins

M. Elise Robbins

M. Elise Robbins

PhD in English Student



421 Denney Hall
164 Annie and John Glenn Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Early Modern English Devotional Literature
  • Early Modern Bibles Book History
  • Translation Studies


  • MA, Literature, Theory, Cultural Studies, Purdue University, 2020
  • BA, English Literature and Linguistics, Purdue University, 2014

Elise Robbins is a doctoral student studying early modern English religious literature and early modern Bible translation in its numerous forms. She is particularly interested in translations not ostensibly touted as authoritative Bible translations, for instance Milton's translation of the Bible into Paradise Lost or the intersemiotic translation of biblical texts into art. Her most recent research in her masters thesis looked at 3 different examples of Bible translation in early modern England to understand how a translation gains "authority" and how a translation's engagement with a popular audience can help us understand biblical authority in a different way. Her research seeks to expand current notions of what early modern English translation looked like and how it engaged early modern audiences both spiritually and aesthetically.

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