Eduardo J. Mabilog

Eduardo J. Mabilog

Eduardo J. Mabilog

MA/PhD in English Student

569 Denney Hall
164 Annie & John Glenn Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Rhetoric
  • Composition and Literacy
  • Translanguaging
  • Codemeshing
  • Writing Center Studies
  • Multilingual Writers

Eduardo Mabilog is an MA/PhD student in the program of Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy. His research interests and work intersect between the areas of Writing Centers, Anti-Racism, Multilingual Writers, Voice and Disability. Previously Eduardo has been named as one of the 2018 International Writing Centers Association Future Leaders as well as the Conference on College Composition and Communications Scholars for the Dream recipient in 2019. He is the co-author of a book review on Laura Greenfield's book, Radical Writing Center Praxis and is published in the Writing Center Journal. Previous conference research presentations Eduardo has presented have been titled: “Dear Writing Centers: Let’s Create Letters in Sessions for Social Justice,” “Responses to Racism in the Writing Center: The Importance of Anti-racism in Creating Equitable Spaces,” “Performing Voice and Metacognition: Creating Fluid Authorities in the Classroom, ” “Letter Writing and Social Justice: Confronting the Real Lives in Our Writing,” and “Letter Writing to Migrate Towards a Translingual Writing Center”.

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