Joey S. Kim

PhD Student


Joey S. Kim is a Ph.D. candidate in English. Her research interests include nineteenth-century British literature with a focus on Romantic poetry, postcolonial literatures and new formalist modes of literary theory. She is particularly interested in the intersections of theories of sexuality and Orientalist literatures. Additionally, she has presented work on a range of authors of the long nineteenth century, including William Wordsworth, Felicia Hemans, William Blake, Anthony Trollope and Oscar Wilde. She has taught composition and literature courses in the English department with themes such as nineteenth-century women writers and imagined communities. She has served as president of the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at Ohio State's Grad Caucus (DISCO), as chair of the Ohio Union Activities Board Graduate/Professional Committee and as outreach and communications coordinator for the English Graduate Organization at Ohio State.

She is currently working on her dissertation entitled "Romanticism and the Poetics of Orientation: Postcolonial Subjectivities (1789-1848)." Here, she argues that the centripetal force of the universal “I” in Romantic poetics prompted a broad and unlikely investment in the geopolitical possibilities of building poetic solidarity between different cultures, histories and nations. This orientation towards the poet, the Romantic doctrine of the poet as center, is pivotal to understanding not only Romantic poetics but also its self-reflexive, modern-day afterlife in postcolonial studies. By placing Romantic poetry and criticism in dialogue with a range of postcolonial writers such as Edward Said, Gayatri Spivak and Homi Bhabha, she contends that revisionist postcolonial conceptions of Romantic paradigms like the imagination and fancy can set the stage for new discourses of alterity that resonate in today’s globalized community. Thus, her dissertation harvests the intersection of Romanticism and postcolonialism in transhistorical literary studies.

Areas of Expertise
  • Nineteenth-century British literature
  • Postcolonial theory
  • Romanticism
  • Gender and sexuality studies
  • MA, The Ohio State University, 2014

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