Video Interviews With OSU English Faculty

March 8, 2014

Want to Know More About OSU English? Check Out Our Video Interviews With Faculty. 

Jim Phelan on narrative theory, 
Jill Galvan on Victorian literature, 
Michelle Herman on fiction writing, 
Koritha Mitchell on anti-lynching plays of the early 20th century, 
Alan Farmer on Shakespeare and the history of the book, 
Lauren Squires on linguisitcs, 
Harvey Graff on literacy and the history of literacy, and 
Jared Gardner on comics and graphic novels.

Check out video interviews with all of these faculty members, and many, many more, available through the OSU English You Tube Channel. The majority of these interviews were conducted by Pablo Tanguay, Academic Advisor in the Department of English, and they vary in length from only a few minutes to several hours.