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A tribute to our graduated student employees

July 8, 2024

A tribute to our graduated student employees

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In the Department of English we're fortunate to have two teams of talented students working in our main office: our Department Ambassadors and the Communications Team. The Department Ambassadors are often the face of the department: they greet visitors, schedule appointments, respond to inquiries, and generally keep the office running. The Communications Team is more behind the scenes, but no less vital: they write news and features, update our website, write and design our social media posts, and generally help us tell our stories both within the university and to the public at large.

As we move through the summer and prepare for a new academic year in the autumn, we also bid a fond farewell to six of our now-graduated students who've been such a valuable part of our department. We'll miss them around Denney Hall, but we wish them all the very best as they move on to the next adventure!

Seth Demmel (Department Ambassador)

Seth has only been on the front desk team for a year, but he has made his mark in that short time. His customer service experience and unflappable demeanor made him a perfect fit for the team, and he’s always ready to dive into a discussion of the nuances of film from almost any era. But the legacy that Seth will truly leave for the front desk is his penchant for what has long been our Achilles’ heel: mail merge. Seth created an easy-to-use guide for a task that has previously required several staff members to gather around a computer and struggle to remember each step, and for that, we’re eternally grateful. We’re sorry to only have had Seth on the team for a year, but we know he’ll excel wherever he heads next!

Destiny Hutcherson (Department Ambassador)

Destiny Hutcherson

Any time Destiny is working at the front desk, you can be sure that every task that needs to be done will not only be completed, it will be done perfectly and probably more quickly than you could have anticipated. She brings a vivacious energy to her work, and on any given day, you might hear her waxing poetic about her favorite music, a beloved book, or a theorist she’s read for an English seminar. When Destiny is enthusiastic about something, she throws herself into it, and that includes her work for the English department. Destiny’s clear passion for pop culture, research, and learning overall will serve her well in all her future endeavors, and we can’t wait to see all she does!

Theo Jasper (Department Ambassador)

Theo has been a steady, calm presence at the front desk during his time with the Department of English. Whether he was answering questions over the phone or assisting a student wondering where they needed to head for office hours, his quiet yet assured bearing was always welcome in the office, as were his takes on shows from Big Brother to RuPaul’s Drag Race. We’re thrilled to hear about all the wonderful things that Theo will head off to do next!

Anushka Mukherjee (Communications Team)

Anushka Mukherjee

In her two years with the Comm Team, Anushka has always been a bright, friendly face. If you’ve ever interacted with her for a story or event, or even just for a simple website update, you’ve gotten to experience the warmth that suffuses all her work, even through the flattening effect of email. And if you need something written or designed with flair and a sense of the heart of an issue? Look no further: Anushka's graphic work is always colorful and engaging, her writing is graceful and clear, and she's always ready to try a new approach or medium. We’re sorry to see her go, but we’re so excited to see what she’ll do in this next chapter!

Sofia Racevskis (Department Ambassador)

Whether you need a recommendation for the perfect YA book, an in-depth conversation about literature of the Romantic period, or ideas for the best way to improve a tricky office procedure, Sofia is your go-to person. As this year’s team leader, she’s brought a calm, reassuring presence to the front desk—no problem is too big or small for her to tackle with her characteristic composure. Hired in her sophomore year, Sofia is a veteran of the front desk and came into this year with great ideas to improve processes and efficiency, and did an outstanding job leading the team through these changes with both firmness and kindness. We’ve been lucky to have her at the front desk for the past three years, and wish her all the best in the great things she’ll do next! 

Annie Tschetter (Department Ambassador)

Annie has a contagious smile that lights up the front desk—even if she’s working the opening shift on Monday morning, you’ll always get a cheerful greeting. She’s always ready to help anyone who comes to the front desk needing assistance, whether it’s a faculty member needing help with the copier or a first-year student looking for information about an English course. And her enthusiasm and warm personality make her an outstanding department ambassador. She effortlessly connects with prospective students and their parents, putting whole families at ease as she answers questions not only about the department, but about the entire undergraduate experience at Ohio State. We’ll miss Annie next year, but we know that she’ll take law school by storm.

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