SPOTLIGHT ON -- Will Evans, English Major and Slammaster for Urban Spirit’s poetry “slam”

May 28, 2012
Will Evans.

Will Evans is currently working on his English undergraduate degree at OSU. But Will is also the founder and Slammaster for Urban Spirit’s poetry open mic and slam: Writing Wrongs. Slam poetry is a competition of poets reading their own work. A Slammaster is the person who runs the poetry slam at hand. Each night has its own feel -- determined by the Slammaster, and filled with energy and oftentimes crowd participation.




According to Seattle Poetry Slam, “Will made an incredible showing at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship in October 09. Competing amongst the top 72 poets from around the world, Will made it to the final stage and thus is ranked among the top 8 performance poets in the world.” In May 2012, Will Evan was Interviewed by Website Feature Intern Laurel Carothers. Read the full text of her interview here.

Watch a video of Will Evans performing one of his well-known pieces at the Seattle Poetry Slam, “Beautiful Biology.”  If you are interested in seeing Will Evans and many other Columbus poets compete in a regional poetry slam:

The Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam begins with twelve teams,primarily from the Midwest,consisting of many nationally noted poets. It takes place between May 31st and June 2nd at Columbus State in Nestor Hall. All events are free to the public.