Ruth Friedman and Pablo Tanguay Receive RDS Breitenberger Award

May 24, 2016
Picture of Friedman and Tanguay receiving the award

Ruth Friedman and Pablo Tanguay are the unanimous recipients of this year’s Arts and Sciences Recruitment and Diversity Services Breitenberger Award given for their recruiting efforts on behalf not only of the Department of English but also of the Division of Arts and Humanities and College of Arts and Sciences. This year, Ruth and Pablo traveled to recruiting events in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey, presenting to high school students and high school guidance counselors on the benefits of pursuing a degree in English as well as other disciplines of the Arts and Humanities. Their knowledge of the many disciplines in Arts and Humanities (as well as Arts and Sciences) is broad, so they were helpful ambassadors in all sorts of ways. Pablo and Ruth also hosted open houses in the department, and they organized efforts to reach out to prospective and admitted students by letter, email, video, and phone. They also led the effort to produce the “English: Five Campuses, One Major” campaign, which was used at all OSU campuses to assist in the recruitment of new students.

Congratulations to Pablo and Ruth on this well-deserved recognition of their many successful recruiting efforts on behalf of the department, division, and college.