Amy Shuman Wins Distinguished Teaching Award

February 16, 2016
Picture of Amy Shuman Winning the Award

The Department of English would like to congratulate Amy Shuman for winning the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. The award recognizes a faculty member in any department across the university for their teaching excellence. As part of the prize, Shuman was recognized with a $3,000 honorarium, a base salary increase of $1,200, and was inducted into the Academy of Teaching. For more information about the award, visit

Amy Shuman specializes in folklore, narrative, and critical theory. She is the author of books and articles on conversational narrative, literacy, political asylum, disability, food customs, feminist theory, and critical theory. Shuman is the recipient of many past awards, including the 2014 Distinguished Service Award and the 2015 Distinguished Scholar Award. She currently serves as the Director of Disability Studies and Director of the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective.