DMAC Staff and Faculty

DMAC Staff

John Jones is an associate professor and Director of Digital Media Studies in the Department of English at Ohio State. His primary research areas are digital rhetoric and writing, digital culture, and professional and technical communication. In his research, John has investigated the revision practices of Wikipedia editors, community formation on Twitter, the influence of network structures on writing and persuasion, and the effects of wearable technologies on writing and rhetoric. He is the co-editor, with Lavinia Hirsu, of Rhetorical Machines, a collection that explores the interconnected nature of technology and rhetorical practice. He serves as DMAC Director. 

Natalie Kopp is a PhD candidate in the Ohio State English department, specializing in community and multimodal writing, literacy and narrative studies. Before starting her work as DMAC Associate Director in 2022, Natalie was a DMAC participant in 2020 and a Graduate Consultant in 2021. Natalie teaches an undergraduate digital media composition course on Digital Storytelling at Ohio State and loves using digital media as a mode through which to approach creative and professional writing with her students. Natalie’s current research deals with roles of authorship, self, community, and identity in student digital documentary. 

DMAC 2024 Faculty

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