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Writing + Information Literacy in English at The Ohio State University helps students develop the writing, reading, and literacy skills they'll use throughout their education and beyond. As citizens, professionals, and lifelong learners, we continually confront complex texts to decipher, new occasions for responding, and ever-evolving modes of communication. A foundation in Writing + Information Literacy helps to prepare students to research, read, and compose in their majors and in life, and it is an integral part of the General Education curriculum at Ohio State.

New OSU students should make sure to consult with your advisor about any transfer, AP, or IB credit you may have for English 1110. If you are a student on a regional campus, you may also need to take a placement exam. 

FAQ for students and advisors

The following FAQ refers only to new students on the Columbus campus. For information on placement on another Ohio State campus, please reach out to your advisor.

Discuss with your advisor what classes you should register for.

No. You do not need to send your scores to Ohio State for the purposes of English placement on the Columbus campus. If you are on a regional campus, you should consult with your advisor about what information is needed for placement.

International students may be asked to take the Academic English Writing Assessment, an exam that is administered and assessed by the Intercultural English Language Programs (IELP). Visit the IELP website for information on exemptions to the IELP Placement Exam.

Maybe. Beginning Autumn 2023, Writing + Information Literacy in English is no longer administering a placement exam on the Columbus campus. If you are a Columbus campus student, you do not need to take the placement exam. If you are on a regional campus, you will need to consult with your advisor about placement protocols. 

Yes. Although English 1110.02 uses literary texts as its primary readings, 1110.02 is available to all students for the same GE credit as 1110.01. 

This section may be reserved for participants in the Young Scholars Program (YSP). If you are involved in this program, your advisor will get you enrolled in the course. If you are not a YSP student, you may not enroll in the class. If an advisor uses an override to enroll a non-YSP student into the YSP course, that student may be disenrolled. Other sections labeled "Not Shown to Students" may be reserved for other programs.

No. The class size is limited so that instructors have enough time to devote attention to the writing of all of their students. Adding additional students is unfair to both the instructor and the students themselves who will necessarily get less feedback as more students are added. We recommend staying on the waitlist and watching the other sections to see if a spot opens up elsewhere.  

No. Classroom space is limited and only enrolled students should attend class. Before the first week, you can join a waitlist and keep in contact with the instructor via email. If a spot opens before the term, waitlisted students are automatically enrolled. 

You can send any questions to WIL-English@osu.edu. If you want to contact Director Scott DeWitt, email dewitt.18@osu.edu. If you want to contact Associate Director Ashleigh Hardin, email hardin.241@osu.edu