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Business + Professional Writing

Business + Professional Writing Staff

For questions about courses, curriculum, assessment and teaching, please contact:
Dr. Christa Teston, Director
Julianna Crame, Graduate Writing Program Associate
Yanar Hashlamon, Coordinator of the Minor in Professional Writing Program 

Course Offerings

English 3304: Business + Professional Writing

Mindful of the ways market logics condition writing practices, cultures and genres, students will practice strategies and tactics for the following:

  • Attuning and responding ethically to business and/or professional rhetorical situations;
  • Mobilizing communicative genres common to contemporary business and/or professional situations;
  • Creating inclusive, sustainable and socially just professional environments.

English 4150: Cultures of Professional Writing

Examine writing in various workplaces. Analyze writing discourse that shapes professional organizations. Explore ongoing technological and cultural shifts required of workplace writers and the role of digital media.

English 4189: Professional Writing Minor Capstone Internship

Students work onsite in an organization doing writing-related work and meet weekly to discuss related topics.

Professional Writing Minor

For more information about the Department of English's Minor in Professional Writing, please consult their website.