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Jordan P. Woodward

Jordan P. Woodward

Jordan P. Woodward

PhD in English Student



547 Denney Hall
164 Annie and John Glenn Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
  • Rhetorics and Literacies of Space/Place
  • Qualitative Research Methods


  • MA, English (Composition, Rhetoric and Literacy), The University of Oklahoma, 2017
  • BA, Religious Studies, The University of Oklahoma, 2014

Jordan’s research explores how relationships are rhetorically built, sustained, and/or strained between people, identity and place, and listens to how these relationships are expressed through oral, written, digital and embodied literacies. She seeks to understand how diverse stakeholders communicate and negotiate place-based interests through vernacular and credentialed expertise. Jordan is also interested in coalition-building practices around environmental and place-based issues.

Selected Publications

  • Woodward, Jordan P. "Indigenous Activism in the Digital Sphere: A Transrhetorical Analysis of the 'Save Longhorn Mountain' Facebook Page." Negotiating Place and Space in Digital Literacies: Research and Practice, by Damiana Pyles et al., Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2019, pp. 137–153.

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