Jennifer Michaels

PhD Student

Jennifer Michaels is the associate editor of Computers and Composition. Her research interests focus on digital media in the composition classroom, especially social media and Web 2.0 applications. She is especially interested in how English language and literature scholars, particularly rhetoric, composition and literacy scholars, talk about the transition to "digital classrooms" and how they conceptualize students and media during this transition. She is a big cheerleader for effective and simple digital media tools in the classroom. Michaels tries to blog often on these topics when I'm not busy with research, classes and teaching. She loves teaching and hopes to make the composition classroom a more engaging and effective space for both teachers and students.

Michaels is married to her wonderful husband Chris and has two lovely pets: a cat named Button and a horse named Skyler. Skyler and Michaels compete in dressage, eventing and other related disciplines.

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