Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits? By completing a professional writing internship, you will:

  • gain hands-on experience in a central-Ohio workplace
  • improve the writing skills you’ll need in twenty-first century workplaces
  • enhance your resume credentials and earn a professional reference
  • build your portfolio of writing samples
  • develop a network of business contacts who may be helpful after graduation

What will I do as an intern?

  • work onsite at a local business or organization for seven to eight hours per week throughout one 14-week semester. For potential internship sites, see our list of workplace partners
  • enroll in and attend the English 4189: Capstone Internship class once per week for two hours and complete class assignments
  • to see what kinds of writing students have done at past internships, visit the What Students Write page

Will I have guidance during the internship?

Yes. In the professional writing capstone course, English 4189, you will read and discuss articles about workplace writing, share on-the-job experiences, ask questions about job assignments and issues and receive guidance from the minor’s program coordinator, your instructor and your peers. You can also review our tips for a good internship.

How will I be graded in English 4189?

You and your site supervisor will create a learning contract. Based on the contract, your supervisor will evaluate your work on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Your instructor in English 4189 will review the work you do in class as well as the site supervisor's evaluation before assigning a final grade of S or U.

Is the internship mainly for English majors?

No. This program is designed for undergraduate students from all areas of study at Ohio State who are interested in writing in the public arenas of civic life, in the academy and in the professional world. The program coordinator will work with you to find an internship related to your interests and/or prospective career field. What’s more, coursework for the minor is interdisciplinary, meaning it consists of writing-instructional courses from a wide variety of academic disciplines across the university.

Will I get paid for my work as an intern?

Most of the internships are unpaid. You will, however, receive three hours of academic credit for a successful internship.

Will I have to give up summer employment to complete the internship?

Probably not. You will undertake your internship during a semester in which you are enrolled in school, so you may intern during spring, summer or autumn.

What are the requirements for acceptance into the internship?

Learn more about how to apply.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline varies each semester, but it is typically in the second or third week of classes each semester prior to the semester in which the internship will take place. For example, applications for Spring 2020 must be submitted by September 9, 2019 in of autumn semester. Deadlines will be set before the prior semester ends, and you can check the webpage for specific dates at that point.  

Where can I find more information?

If you have not already done so, please have a thorough look around this website. For questions not answered here, stop by the Department of English's front desk in 421 Denney Hall or call the reception staff at 614-292-6065 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

What if I want more help with my portfolio, cover letter, and/or resume?

Come to the Portfolio Prep Workshop, held by the Minor in Professional Writing staff each semester, in the week before the deadline! We will go over features of successful cover letters, resumes, and the best portfolio pieces to choose. We'll also have the opportunity to look over your cover letters if you bring them and answer individual questions. Free advice *and* free munchies!