Digital Media Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Work


The Digital Media Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Work recognizes outstanding student digital media projects completed in undergraduate courses in the Department of English. Students should nominate themselves for the prize (instructors should feel free to encourage student nominations). A nomination for the prize should include:

  • A project submitted in a deliverable digital format (e.g., .jpg, .mp3, .mov, .html, .swf, URL, etc.)
  • A one-page cover letter explaining the assignment and articulating how the project responds successfully to it.

Eligible students must have been enrolled in an undergraduate course in the Department of English offered Spring Semester 2018 through Spring Semester 2019.  All work submitted must meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • Must be constructed from original materials;
  • Must be constructed from materials for which permission has been granted;
  • Must be constructed from materials that were used appropriately according to Creative Commons or similar licensing;
  • Must be constructed from materials found in the public domain;
  • Must be a clearly defined parody of an already existing text;
  • Must be constructed from a combination of the above materials.
  • Note: Any use of material created by others must explicitly acknowledge the source of the materials and conditions of its use (e.g., permission, license, fair use, or public domain) in a manner appropriate to the medium (e.g., spoken credits at the end of an audio piece, on-screen credits at the end of a video piece).

Submissions for this prize should either be (1) emailed to or (2) delivered, in person, to the Digital Media Project Office in 324 Denney. 

Four Digital Media Prizes, each of which comes with a $100 scholarship, will be awarded to undergraduates at the departmental awards ceremony in April.