The Denney Award


The Denney Award is named in honor of Joseph Villiers Denney, who was a distinguished teacher, scholar and administrator at Ohio State during the early part of the twentieth century. This award is recognizes the most outstanding senior English major scheduled to graduate during the current academic year. Nominees are recognized at the department's annual awards ceremony in April, where the winner of this $500 prize is also announced. 

Nomination Letters
Nomination letters should be emailed to Letters, typically 2 - 3 pages, should provide detailed support for why the nominee deserves the award. All nomination letters are forwarded to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, along with copies of the nominees' advising reports.

Selection Process
The selection process for The Denney Award begins with a call to English faculty for letters nominating the graduating senior English major whom they feel is most deserving of this award. The call for nomination letters goes out in January and letters are due in early-to-mid March. Current members of the department's Undergraduate Studies Committee are assigned to serve on this subcommittee by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The subcommittee reviews the nomination packets and determines a winner.

Recognition of Nominees and Winners
Denney Award nominees are invited to attend the department's April awards ceremony, along with up to four guests per nominee. The nominees are each recognized during the ceremony, and the winner of the award is announced at the event. 

About Joseph Denney
Joseph Denney was the first chair of the Department of Rhetoric and Literature, which later became the Department of English, and he served as Dean of what was then known as the College of the Arts, Philosophy and Science from 1901-1921. Denney also was involved in establishing the undergraduate curriculum and the Graduate School. The Department of English is still housed in Denney Hall today.