Workplace Partners: Host an Intern

The Minor in Professional Writing prepares students to write a wide variety of documents in the workplace. 

Before a capstone internship, students take coursework such as Business or Technical Writing, Magazine Writing, Digital Media Composing, or even Creative Screenwriting, that sets them up to tackle any new writing challenge with confidence and skill. See a full list of required and elective courses in the Minor.


Host an Intern


The capstone writing internship, the core of our program's success, is possible because our workplace partners host interns and give students hands-on writing experience with talented professionals. 

More than 150+ businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in the Columbus area have hosted our students.

If you host an intern, we can offer you:

  • A part-time worker (8 hours/week) with good writing skills one semester at a time (112 hours over 16 weeks). (Students are available any season Jan.-May, May-Aug., or Aug.-Dec.; availability varies.)
  • Assurance that your intern has been rigorously vetted for writing skills and professionalism. All students complete a thorough writing portfolio review and interview with the Program Coordinator.
  • Careful efforts to match you with an intern whose major or prospective field is related to your industry or mission.
  • Support and communication throughout the internship. Dr. Martin will reach out twice during the semester but is always available via email
  • A companion class for interns, where students continue to learn about workplace writing and further professionalize their skills.

We ask that you:

  • Designate one person to be our intern’s primary supervisor for the entire term.
  • Provide your intern with meaningful writing and writing-related asssignments, including research and editing. Shoulds should aim to finish the internship with at least 2 longer-form polished pieces to add to their writing portfolio.
  • Complete a contract with the student, provided by her/him during the second week of the internship.
  • Evaluate the student both at the mid-point and end of the term on a short form provided by the program. (See here for an example evaluation form.)
  • Conduct one in-person performance review with the student, usually after you have filled out the mid-term survey.

To learn more, please contact Coordinator of the Professional Writing Minor Lindsay A. Martin by email ( or phone (614-688-4652).