The minor in professional writing’s 15 hours of coursework include a variety of writing courses that can be taken across several departments. English 4189: Capstone Internship will give you a hands-on writing experience at a local business, nonprofit, government agency or other professional organization.

Recommended order of courses (15 total credit hours):

  1. 2367, any department (second-level writing course)
  2. Group A elective, at least one from this group
  3. Group B elective, additional electives
  4. English 4150: Cultures of Professional Writing
  5. English 4189: Capstone Internship in Professional Writing

Note: Because we require that students take English 4150: Cultures of Professional Writing prior to their professional writing internship, we offer both of our core courses during all three semester terms (first, second and May + summer). 

Unless otherwise indicated, electives listed below are 3 credit hours each.

Group A electives

At least one elective must come from this group. You may take two from group A and exempt group B.

  • ENGLISH 3304: Business and Professional Writing
  • ENGLISH 3305: Technical Writing
  • ENGLISH 3405: Special Topics in Professional Communication/Technical Editing
  • ENGLISH 3467S: Issues and Methods in Tutoring Writing (cross-listed as CSTW 3467S)
  • ENGLISH 4567S: Rhetoric and Community Service: A Writing Seminar

Group B electives

You must complete a total of three credit hours in this elective group, which may require taking more than one course. If you have taken one of these classes as a requirement for your major, that course may also count toward the minor.

Agricultural communication

  • AGRCOMM 4130: Publication Design & Production
  • AGRCOMM 5135: Agricultural Feature Writing (5 hours)

Agricultural systems management

  • AGSYSMT 2305: Professional Development 1 (2 hours)


  • AVN 2200: Aviation Communication


  • COMM 2210: News Design  
  • COMM 2221: Media Writing & Editing
  • COMM 2321: Writing for Strategic Communication
  • COMM 2511: Visual Communication Design
  • COMM 3334: Strategic Message Design
  • COMM 3404: Media Law & Ethics
  • COMM 3629: Language & Social Interaction
  • COMM 4202: Magazine Writing
  • COMM 4511: User-Centered Communication Design

Construction Systems Management

  • CONSYSM 2305: Professional Development 1


  • ENGLISH 2268: Writing of Creative Nonfiction 1
  • ENGLISH 2269: Digital Media Composing
  • ENGLISH 2276: Arts of Persuasion
  • ENGLISH 3271: Structure of the English Language
  • ENGLISH 3468: Intermediate Creative Writing: Special Topics in Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGLISH 3662: An Introduction to Literary Publishing
  • ENGLISH 4568: Writing of Creative Nonfiction 2
  • ENGLISH 4569: Digital Media and English Studies
  • ENGLISH 4570: Intro to History of English
  • ENGLISH 4572: Traditional Grammar & Usage
  • ENGLISH 4574: History & Theories of Writing


  • THEATRE 5331: Screenwriting
  • THEATRE 5961: Playwriting

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