Popular Culture Studies Minor

The minor in Popular Culture Studies consists of five undergraduate courses for a minimum of 15 total credit hours. Many of the courses that fulfill the minor requirements may also be used to fulfill the university's General Education requirements. Overlap of courses between minor and General Education requirements is permitted by the university.

Information on the Popular Culture Studies program at Ohio State.

Official minor sheet [pdf]


  • Complete one introductory course. Choose from English/Comparative Studies 2264 (Intro to Popular Culture Studies) and WGSST 2230 (Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Popular Culture). Note that the 2264 course can also be used to fulfill the historical (pre-1945) requirement on the minor, as described below.
  • Complete at least one historical (pre-1945) Popular Culture Studies courses.
  • Complete at least one outside majority-U.S. popular culture studies course. Popular Culture Studies courses.
  • Choose additional minor courses from the historical and/or outside majority-U.S. course lists and/or from the elective Popular Culture Studies courses.
  • Important note: No more than two film courses can be counted toward the minor.

Additional Requirements

  • No more than two transfer courses may be applied to the Popular Cutlure Studies minor.
  • Only one course from your major department(s) may be used on the Popular Culture Studies minor.
  • While a grade of C- will be permitted in courses comprising the Popular Culture Studies minor, the overall grade point average for the minor must be a 2.0 or higher.
  • Courses taken on a Pass/Non-Pass basis cannot be applied to the Popular Culture Studies minor.

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