Disability Studies Minor

The Ohio State University undergraduate Disability Studies Minor offers courses in a wide range of disciplines, including teaching and learning, bioethics, American Sign Language, classics, speech and hearing science and many more. The minor is part of the Disability Studies Program at Ohio State.


The Disability Studies Minor requires a minimum of 14 credit hours of course work. Of these, 12 hours must be from outside your major field and other minor fields. Once the Disability Studies Program advisor has approved the PDF icon ASC Minor Program Form you should file the form with your college. Please consult the PDF icon Disability Studies Minor Sheet for more information on courses that count for the minor. Before enrolling in DSABLST 4998H, 4999H, 5191 or 5193, students must complete thePDF icon Internship and Individual Studies/Research Request Form. Students must receive approval prior to the beginning of the internship / independent study.

Declaring the Minor

Students who wish to declare the Minor should complete this form. You may also visit DS Minor Advisor MaryKatherine Ramsey during advising drop-in hours.

Contact Us

For specific questions requiring an individual response, email disabilitystudies@osu.edu.