English Placement Testing and Advanced Placement Scores

English Placement Testing

Incoming first-year and transfer students may be required to take an English placement test to determine which course(s) they must take to fulfill the university's first-year writing requirement.

Incoming students are required to take the English placement exam if they have: (a) an ACT English score of 18 or below, (b) an SAT score of 480 or below on  Evidence-Based Reading and Writing  (Advisors: please note  that OSU uses the acronym RWRSN instead of EBRW for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing). Students who took the SAT prior to 2017 need to take the placement test if they scored 450 or below on the verbal (CRVB).

Most incoming students who are required to take it will take the English placement test during Orientation. Students who do not take the placement test during Orientation, for whatever reason, can schedule their placement test by calling the Department of English at 614-292-6065 or stopping by the front desk in 421 Denney. 

Students 21 and older are not required to take the English placement exam. They may enroll directly into English 1110. They are, however, welcome to take the exam if they are concerned about their writing skills and want to enroll in the most appropriate class for their skill level.

Once a student takes the placement test, they'll work with theiradvisor to schedule a first-year writing course(s) based on their placement level, as indicated in the following:

Level 4: Enroll in either English 1110.01 or 1110.02 (3 credit hours).
Level 5: Enroll in English 1110.03 and 1193 simultaneously (4 credit hours).
Level 6: Enroll in English 1109 (4 credit hours). After completing 1109, students must enroll in English 1110.03 and 1193 simultaneously (4 credit hours). NOTE: Students who score Level 6 on the placement exam but have scored a 24 on the SAT reading score (RDST) are recommended but not required to take English 1109. Those students can, if they wish, enroll in the combination 1110.03/1193 option. Students with a 23 or lower, however, must enroll in English 1109.  

Advanced Placement Scores

Students who take the Advanced Placement exam in English Literature or English Language and who score a 3 or higher will receive test credit (EM credit) for English 1110, the university's first-year writing course. Students who do not score a 3 or higher must take the English placement exam as described above. Students who take both the English Literature and the English Language exams and score a 3 or higher on these two exams will receive credit for English 1110, the first-year writing course, and English 1167, a course that can be applied toward the Cultures and Ideas category on the university's general education requirements.   

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