First Year Writing (English 1110)

The First-Year Writing Program—awarded the "Writing Program Certificate of Excellence" in 2005 by the National Council of Teachers of English and the Conference on College Composition and Communication—develops and administers English 1110, which fulfills the Level One Writing and Communication requirement of Ohio State’s General Education. While students in English 1110 develop their writing capabilities, they also emerge from the course with knowledge of rhetorical analysis and production, sophisticated perspectives on chosen course themes, and experience in writing for diverse audiences and in multimedia environments.

Taking its lead from a national movement in undergraduate research, English 1110 on the Columbus Campus positions students in a Research I university setting by asking them to learn the conventions of academic research and writing while gaining expertise in a particular course topic. Students enrolled in English 1110 focus on a single research topic throughout the quarter. Using a wide array of sources—many of which require sophisticated library skills to find, and many of which are located online in digital format—students produce a series of academic texts, including source descriptions, annotations, critical responses, and, of course, a traditional academic paper: the Analytical Research Paper. While working through the process of creating the academic paper, students also write a series of short reflective essays that ask them to find and analyze images related to their research, considering both their communicative power and their status as works of intellectual property. The curriculum concludes with the English 1110 Symposium, an in-class event that brings these two strands together, asking students to reframe their research for a nonacademic, public audience in brief presentations that combine critical, commentative narration with images chosen to support and expand upon the argument presented.

Who's Who in the FYWP?


Dr. Edgar Singleton

Graduate Writing Program Administrators: 2019-2020

Andrew Bashford
Indya Jackson

WPAs are selected in spring semester and begin their terms in the summer.

Awards for Teachers and Students

For Students

The First-Year Writing Program Award for Outstanding Research Paper: This award recognizes an outstanding Analytical Research Paper completed in English 1110 at The Ohio State University. Up to two awards are given annually, sponsored by Cengage Publishing; instructors nominate ARPs from the preceding calendar year.

The English 1110 Symposium Celebration: This event recognizes outstanding Symposium Presentations completed by students in the preceding year. Instructors nominate student work, and final selections are made by FYWP staff. The selected presentations are shown at the Symposium Celebration, a festive public event.

For Teachers

The English Department Award Teaching Award for First-Year Writing: The English Department Teaching Award recognizes an outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate or Associated Faculty member for teaching in the First-Year Writing Program (any decimalization of 1109 or 1110). GTAs are eligible after teaching two semesters of English 1110.

The Award for Excellence in Teaching by a First-Year Graduate Teaching Associate: This award, determined by the staff of the First-Year Writing Program based on positive student response in course evaluations and on staff observations, recognizes outstanding teaching by a GTA in their first year of teaching in the department. All first-year GTAs in the FYWP are eligible for the award.