Questions to Ask Yourself

As an English major, you have an endless array of job options and career fields available to you. The challenge, then, is deciding exactly what you want to do. To help with this decision process, we've put together a set of questions designed to get you thinking about who you are, what you need in a job or career, and what kind of work environments are best suited to your skills and interests. 

Who Are You as a Professional?

  • Are you going to want regular con
  • versations as part of your work?
  • Do you want minimal customer service contact? 
  • Do you want responsibility for deciding what your work is?
  • Do you prefer an environment where you know what tasks are ahead?
  • Would you prefer your job tasks to change on a daily basis?
  • Do you want your day to be about responding to emerging crises?
  • Do you need consistency in your job? 
  • What are your interests? What do you care about? What do you value? 

What Kind of Work Environment Best Suits You?

Corporate Environments

Short-Term Career-Related Questions

  • Do you really know what jobs in publishing look like? 
  • What does an Assistant Editor do all day?
  • Do you know what people do when they "write for television"? 
  • What is public relations? Is it different from marketing? 
  • What is a technical writer exactly? 
  • Human resources, what's that all about? 
  • What jobs and career fields are you considering?
  • How are you going to find out if they're really for you?

How Do You Get the Job? 

Go to Graduate/Professional School

  • Want to be a lawyer? Go to law school.
  • Want to be a teacher? Go to a teacher educator/licensure program. 
  • Want to be a doctor? Go to medical school. 
  • Want to be an academic? Go to a Ph.D. program in English