Land a Job After Graduation

The information on this page is also  available to download [pdf].

If you are beginning your job hunt, consider looking for employment at the following institutions and organizations. While the institutions listed here are specific to the Columbus area, you can always search for similar institutions in the city or area where you are seeking employment. For example, if you want to work for a nonprofit organization in the Chicago area, you might begin by performing a Google search on "Nonprofits in Chicago" or "Nonprofit Organizations in Chicago."

Note that when you visit organizations' websites, you will often need to look for links at the top or bottom of their homepages with labels like "Employment," "Careers," "Job Opportunities," etc. Also, note that the lists below are not comprehensive, there are hundreds more organizations and companies in the Columbus area with which you might find employment; these lists are just designed to help you begin thinking through your options.