Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet poster

Lord Denney’s Players 2019 production will be An Excellent and Conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Probing the nature of love, violence and language itself, this intricate coming-of-age tragedy has withstood the test of time as one of Shakespeare’s best-loved and most performed plays. 

This year’s production will take an experimental approach to this classic story. Our production will be set in a society out of time, defined entirely by the all-consuming violence of the feuding houses. We aim to explore young people’s resistance to deeply held collective beliefs and investigate their role in effecting social change. 
The production will use an adaptation of the First Quarto version of the text. The First Quarto text is considerably shorter than the “canonical” Second Quarto version, features richly detailed stage directions, and contains interesting textual variations. 

Performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. on April 4-6 and 11-13 at the Van Fleet Theatre of the Columbus Performing Arts Center (549 Franklin Ave). Get your tickets here!


Romeo Lior Livshits, first-year majoring in theatre and economics
Juliet— Jordan Booker, second-year majoring in theatre, English creative writing and music
Nurse— Anna Cotterman, second-year majoring in environmental policy and decision making
Benvolio— Joey Hoffmann, fourth-year majoring in English
Capulet— Joseph Glandorf, third-year majoring in philosophy and political science
Lady Capulet— Devon Mushalko, sixth-year majoring in music and English
Friar Laurence— Matthew Mayberry, fourth-year majoring in English
Mercutio— Ellie Rogers, alumna of theatre
Tybalt— John Jude, second-year majoring in anthropology
Prince— Natalie Dalea, fifth-year majoring in English
Paris— Antony Shuttleworth, faculty of English
Montague/Ensemble— Kallen Alsdorf, third-year majoring in English and art history
Lady Montague/Ensemble— Nicole Neifert, first-year in exploration
Balthazar— Abbi Voda, alumna of English
Peter— Hannah Nelson, third-year majoring in English and anthropology
Apothecary/Ensemble— Joe Flynn, third-year majoring in English and history
Friar John/Ensemble— Amita Kharabe, first-year in exploration
Ensemble— Kelly Kline, second-year majoring in linguistics
Ensemble— Jenny Morrison, first-year majoring in English and theatre
Director— Cat McAlpine, communications manager at Cloudbreak Health; alumna of English and linguistics
Assistant Director— Joseph Glandorf
Stage Manager— Hannah Woods, third-year majoring in English and Russian
Assistant Stage Manager— Hannah Nelson
Dramaturge— Joseph Glandorf

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