The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theatre

Dutton, Richard, ed.

"Richard Dutton has assembled an impressive array of scholars" - Annotated Bibliography of English Studies

"Each of the 36 richly detailed essays beckons to be read... Collectively, the essays accrue, building a comprehensive and coherent profile of the world of early modern theater" - P.D. Nelsen, Choice

"A very valuable tool" - William Proctor Williams, Notes and Queries

"For anyone wishing to gain a solid understanding of the work being undertaken in the field, or indeed to join it, this is a formidable book which both demands and repays attention... In its range and length it is a valuable reference work; in its minutiae, it is replete with scholarly insights." - Gwilym Jones, Around the Globe.

This authoritative and comprehensive collection of new essays explores the social, political, and economic pressures under which the playing companies of Shakespeare and his contemporaries operated. It shows how they evolved over time to meet new challenges such as the opposition of City of London authorities, the possibility of permanent location in London, the re-emergence of boy companies c. 1600, and the great increase in court performance which began under James I. Essays also explore the practical everyday business of playing: acquiring scripts and playhouses, dramatic authorship, the contribution of financiers and entrepreneurs, rehearsing, lighting, music, props, styles of acting, boy actors, and the role of women in an 'all-male' world. The collection as a whole offers a challenging account of the world of the players in Tudor-Stuart England, revising old assumptions and so inviting us to explore anew the plays which were written for them and which are their greatest living legacy.

"A comprehensive and coherent profile of the world of early modern theater... Highly recommended." –Choice

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November, 2011