Jamie Utphall

PhD in English Candidate



Jamie Utphall is a PhD student in English interested in 19th century American literature and poetry, disability/crip studies, and medical humanities Research interests include feminist methodologies; 19th century African American literature; and how 19th century writers defend neurotypicality in the face of emergent medical models of normality and deviance. Specifically, Utphall is interested in how 19th century authors understand variations of neurocognitive being and functioning and how they challenge the social hegemony of the “typical” and “normal.” By examining an era of burgeoning scientific and medical interest, Utphall hopes to continue the work of depathologizing and celebrating voices of neurodiversity.

With an undergraduate degree in English education, Utphall previously taught high school English for five years in Wisconsin. She looks forward to teaching at the post-secondary level.

Selected Publications

Areas of Expertise
  • Nineteenth-century American literature
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Disability studies
  • MA, English, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, 2018
  • BS, English Education, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2011

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