Siddharth Srikanth

PhD in English Candidate


Siddharth Srikanth works on global Anglophone literature, rhetorical narrative theory, life-writing and novel theory. He is particularly interested in literary conceptions of individuals and individuality connect the personal to the social, the historical and the political. Given these interests, Srikanth examines memoir and autofiction in recent decades and the Bildungsroman in the past two centuries as sites where literary conceptions of individuality interact with ideas of the historical. He also works on related issues of the relationship between fictionality and actuality in works of fiction and the consequences of this relationship for political criticism.

Areas of Expertise
  • Narrative theory
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Global anglophone literature
  • Modernist literature
  • Politics and aesthetics
  • Integrated MA, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 2015

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507 Denney Hall
Columbus campus