D'Arcee Charington Neal

D'Arcee Charington Neal

D'Arcee Charington Neal

PhD in English Student


559 Denney Hall
164 Annie and John Glenn Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • African American rhetorical theory
  • Disability studies
  • Digital humanities
  • Digital composition
  • Creative writing


  • MA, Composition and Rhetoric, University of Maryland, 2019
  • MA, Creative and Professional Writing, Roehampton University, 2011
  • BA, English, University of North Carolina ⁠at Pembroke, 2008

D'Arcee Neal is a first-year PhD student in English Rhetoric, Composition and Literature where he focuses on the intersection of African American rhetorical theory, black digital humanities, and disability studies. Combining research in audio rhetoric and counterculture podcasting, D'Arcee often centers his work through ethnographic narratives and creative digital fiction after completing two Masters theses in the forms of both a post-Apocalyptic race-based science fiction thriller, and a future black Dystopian audio narrative fantasy of post-disability techno-survival. He has also been honored as an awardee of The Advocate Magazine's 40 Under 40 in 2015 for his work in disability storytelling, and as the 2017 Comcast/Universal Tony Coelho Media Scholar. 

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