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Yonina Hoffman obtained a PhD at The Ohio State University with the dissertation "The Voices of David Foster Wallace: Comic, Encyclopedic, and Sincere." That project tracks the variation in narrative voice through three periods of Wallace's career, revising theoretical models of narrative voice while identifying Wallace's changing rhetorical purposes and influences, placing him in a matrix of 20th century literature and culture. Yonina's specialty is in post-war American fiction and theory of all kinds (e.g. narrative, poetic, critical), with research interests including narrative theory, poetics, stylistics, systems theory and environmental literature, as well as 20C philosophy and phenomenology. Yonina has an article forthcoming at Twentieth-Century Literature. Yonina is working on theorizing rhythm and on the idea of fictional rhetoric as an ecology, beginning a new book project entitled "Ending the Endless: The Rhetoric and Ethics of Closure in the Encyclopedic Novel."

Besides teaching courses on literature and love, mental illness, labor, and the environment, Yonina has worked as the Administrative Assistant to the International James Joyce Foundation and is affiliated with Project Narrative.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Twentieth-century literature
  • Post-war American literature
  • Postmodernism
  • Modernism
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Narrative theory
  • Literary theory
  • Philosophy
  • Literature and the environment
  • PhD, English, The Ohio State University, 2019
  • MA, English, The Ohio State University, 2013
  • BA, English & Philosophy, West Virginia University, 2011

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