Promotional Media Interns Launch "On Site" Series

March 29, 2019
Block O

Tap dancing. Vermin. Cheesemaking. Crosswords. Wildlife gardening. Opera.

Every English lover, from students to staff, harbors an obsession or two like those listed above. 

Each of these examples has been explored in-depth by the “obsessees” in an installment of the Obsession Story series, launched November 2th, 2017 when Associate Professor Karen Winstead shared her love of vampires with the world. Since then, a dozen members of the English department have contributed their own obsessions to the series. Upcoming topics for obsession stories include mushroom hunting, ice cream and tattoos.

As of April 2019, the Obsession Story series will take on another dimension never-before-seen by any English publications. Scott DeWitt’s brood of English 5191 interns has found a way to share English obsessions with persons outside of the department, through the power of a YouTube video.

The dexterous 5191 interns have coordinated with Obsession contributors, and together they have filmed companion pieces to their essays: the video series, titled “On Site,” will be launched in early April, beginning with Marcus Jackson on cooking and eating and Lauren Squires on tapdancing. 

The department’s YouTube channel will undergo an entire re-launch. Keep an eye out for new vids and other fresh content.