Beating the Barista Myth: Career Preparation for Humanities Majors Course Profile

November 2, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, not all English majors end up working at Starbucks. In fact, English majors are three-times more likely to go into computer or math careers than they are to go into food service. Despite the decades-old persistence of the English major barista myth, Jenny Patton manages to dispel it with ease in the glorious first few minutes of her class, English 3150: Career Preparation for Humanities Majors. The students in Patton’s class this semester have career plans that include grant writing, advertising, event planning, marketing, technical writing, advocacy and beyond. 

Phelan and Aldama Selected as Faculty FIT Mentors

October 19, 2017
Block O

The Department of English is proud to announce that Distinguished University Professor and Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor James Phelan and Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor Frederick Aldama have been selected by the University Institute for Teaching and Learning as mentors in the Faculty FIT: Foundation, Impact, Transformation program. A year-long experience for faculty members new to Ohio State, the Faculty FIT program focuses on active support for faculty at all levels of teaching experience. As a part of Faculty FIT, a mentorship program pairs new faculty with mentors who will share their teaching knowledge and experiences at Ohio State.

Reading Between the Frames: Film and Comics Course Profile

September 28, 2017
Mad Max Furiosa

“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?” – The First History of Man, a fictional book from the Mad Max universe

Most people have encountered a work of art—a book, a film, a song—they relate to. On Ohio State’s Columbus campus, Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor Frederick Luis Aldama teaches a course on the way media, specifically comic books as seen in print or on film, relates to and portrays the many facets of society, such as race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and disability. English 3378: Special Topics in Film and Literature—Film and Comics, taught at the Gateway Film Center, encourages students to take a deeper look into the familiar content of comics and encourages them to consume said content on a broader, more universal level.

Human Rights in Transit

September 1, 2017
Human Rights in Transit Group sitting on a staircase in New York City

Eight undergraduate students with diverse academic backgrounds attended this year’s Human Rights in Transit Summer Travel Program. Facilitated by Professors Wendy Hesford (English), Amy Shuman (English) and Jennifer Suchland (Slavic/Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies), the five-day trip centered around the 2017 Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York City.