Research Spotlight: Robert Hughes

October 28, 2019

Each month, the Communications Team reaches out to members of the Department of English faculty and asks them to elaborate on a current research or creative project they are working on or have recently completed. For this month, we asked Associate Professor Robert Hughes to talk about his work tackling the big question: "What is art?"

Stewart curates scary selection of literary horror for Halloween season

October 22, 2019
Rachel Stewart
What frightens you, tingles your spine, gives you that isolating sense of dread?
For some, it’s monsters — grotesque creatures that are unnatural yet unnervingly human. For others, it’s the supernatural — old ghost tales and haunted mansions with dark, decrepit pasts. Other terrors take more realistic roots — true crime legends and psychological fears that often blur the lines between fiction and reality.

Care, Not Cure: Department Recognized for Housing Innovative Health Humanities Programs

October 1, 2019
Block O

My family was never in such need for a story than in August 2014. That month, my mother was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma—i.e. a disease with relatively little research, little funding and little press. Our instinctive coping method was intense inquiry: Googling any blog, support group page, research website and Facebook group that may have some or any words to lessen our uncertainty.