Oh, the places you’ll go (with an English degree)!

November 26, 2019
Business woman
If you ever want to identify the English major in the room, just shout something along the lines of, “What can you even do with an English degree?” Follow the choked sounds of protest and the visceral scent of indignation, and there: you’ve found them.

Stewart curates scary selection of literary horror for Halloween season

October 22, 2019
Rachel Stewart
What frightens you, tingles your spine, gives you that isolating sense of dread?
For some, it’s monsters — grotesque creatures that are unnatural yet unnervingly human. For others, it’s the supernatural — old ghost tales and haunted mansions with dark, decrepit pasts. Other terrors take more realistic roots — true crime legends and psychological fears that often blur the lines between fiction and reality.

2019 Featured Alumni Panelists

September 20, 2019
Block O

Eat, drink and dress up at the English department’s annual Alumni Panel and Dinner. On Thursday, October 24, 2019, the Department of English will host its sixth annual Alumni Panel and Dinner.

Student Organizations for English Majors

September 3, 2019
Block O

There are boundless opportunities for an English major to get involved at The Ohio State University. From department-affiliated publications to English-related student organizations, there is a place for everyone in the Ohio State English undergraduate community. 

Stepping up to a Senior Thesis: The Preliminaries, the Process, the Product

April 25, 2019
Block O

Inspiration can lag far behind determination. It took nearly three years for mine to catch up. In the early fall of my first semester of college, I knew I wanted to do a senior thesis. It was not until July the summer before my final year that I finally figured out what I wanted to write about. Little did I know that my first semester of college would be so pivotal. That semester, I not only took a class on the subject about which I would later write (English 2290, Introduction to American Colonial Literature, in which I encountered Emily Dickinson), but the class was taught by the person who would end up advising my thesis—Professor Elizabeth Hewitt.

Course Profile: Lauren Squires Schools Students on Bad Words

March 29, 2019
Block O


Associate Professor Lauren Squires writes something on the whiteboard, then regards the words for a moment before turning back to the class. “Shit-ninja,” she muses. “I like that one. Sounds like something my son would say.”