Research Spotlight: Doug Sutton-Ramspeck

October 26, 2018
Doug Sutton-Rampseck

Each month, the Communications Team reaches out to members of the Department of English faculty and asks them to elaborate on a current research or creative project they are working on or have recently completed. For this month, we asked Professor Doug Sutton-Ramspeck about his new book, Black Flowers

Obsession Story: Cecilia Johnson and Wildflower Gardening

October 19, 2018
Cecilia Johnson
For this series, we reach out to a member of the department who has a very particular obsession and ask them to share it with the world. In this edition, Undergraduate Academic Advisor Cecilia Johnson cultivates a wilderness wonderland in her own backyard.

New Academic Programs

October 18, 2018
Block O

The Department of English has two new academic programs this year: the Minor in Disability Studies and the Integrated Major in Math and English.

Graduate Students Working in Comics Studies

September 25, 2018
Block O

In recognition of September being Comics Month in the Department of English, we asked some of our graduate students who are involved in comic studies why they are intrigued in this oftentimes eccentric and elusive literary style. 

Literary London 2018: Victorian Crime and Detective Fiction

September 20, 2018
Block O

The United Kingdom experienced unusually warm weather this summer. Throughout the months of May, June, July and August, the countryside browned beneath the burning, unyielding sun. Metropolitan areas—where interiors traditionally lack air conditioning—became dens of sweat and unholy moisture, such as in London, where the Tube transformed into a massive subterranean steam room.

Alumni Stories: Chloe Heins (BA'18) and Robert Lowery (BA'19)

September 20, 2018
Block O

The Writing Center—Ohio State’s go-to space for writing support—is a remarkable resource for students looking to develop and refine their papers, get tips on graduate school application materials, learn about modifying their writing processes, join writing groups and much, much more. The Writing Center also has a lot to offer the many undergraduate and graduate students who work there: consultants Chloe Heins and Bobby Lowery learned this first hand when they discovered a shared passion for the teaching of writing. Having graduated with bachelor’s degrees in English in spring 2018, both Heins and Lowery are now completing their first semesters in Ohio State’s Teaching and Learning master’s program.