“Journaling with Jenny” Promotes Health, Wellness in All

May 20, 2016
Picture of Jenny Patton

Jenny Patton, senior lecturer in the English department, worked with many a successful student in her first- and second-year writing courses. But that success came at a cost. “Many were dealing with overloaded course schedules, work responsibilities, student loan debt worries, unemployed or sick parents, and uncertainty about the future. Several students missed classes; the overachievers came with hacking coughs,” Patton said of her overworked students. “While I referred students to the counseling center and other OSU resources, I felt there was more I could do.”

Ohio Arts Council Honors English Faculty

May 10, 2016
Picture of the Arts Council logo

The Ohio Arts Council board has honored seven faculty from the English department in their 2016 Individual Excellence Awards. Those honored include Lee Martin, professor, English; Memory Risinger, senior lecturer, English; Kathy Fagan Grandinetti, professor, English; Marcus Jackson, visiting assistant professor, English; Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, associate professor, English, Ohio State Lima; Maggie Smith, visiting assistant professor, English; and David Winter, senior lecturer, English. Each awardee received $5,000 as part of the award.

The 2016 English Awards Ceremony

May 9, 2016
Picture of the opening reception

Two weeks ago today, faculty, staff, students, families, and friends all gathered in the Longaberger Alumni House to celebrate another successful year of English at Ohio State.  They were greeted with a smile, name tag, and drink ticket from our wonderful advising staff, then enjoyed a buffet and some small talk. While I was running around playing waiter, attendees checked out research projects from this year’s Denman Undergraduate Research Forum participants. At 5 p.m., the doors opened and everyone took their seats in the Alumni House’s gorgeous presentation room. There they found Chair Debra Moddelmog and Academic Program Coordinator Mike Bierschenk, who took guests through a presentation honoring those who received awards this past year. Awards were handed out; pictures were taken. Everyone had a good time.

Esposto Wins 2016 R.L. Stine Scholarship

May 5, 2016
Picture of current and past Stine Scholarship winners

Laura Esposto has been awarded the second inaugural R.L. Stine Scholarship. Generously provided by author R.L. Stine, an Ohio State English alumnus (BA, 1965) and award-winning author of children’s horror stories, this $11,000 tuition scholarship supports English majors who have demonstrated a serious interest in Creative Writing.

Wendy Hesford Receives Yale Fellowship, to Step Down as Vice Chair

May 2, 2016
Wendy S. Hesford.

The Department of English would like to congratulate Wendy Hesford on receiving Yale University's Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery interdisciplinary fellowship at the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, part of

Robyn Warhol's Graphic Memoir Class Creates Stunning Comics

April 27, 2016
Picture of Robyn Warhol

“Graphic Memoir,” English 5664 in the Spring of 2016, is a course on autobiographies written and drawn by comics artists.  All the students (half of them graduate students and half advanced undergrads) had to produce a one-page comic about their lives.