Koritha Mitchell & Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: Shadows Uplifted

March 8, 2018
Block O

Associate Professor Koritha Mitchell distinctly remembers seeing a Malcolm X poster on the walls of her high school that said “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” This poster and other posters featuring historical black leaders would line the halls of her high school each February for Black History Month. It was seeing those posters between classes—classes with almost exclusively-white curricula—that alerted Mitchell to the names of important figures, and even some of what they thought. “The fact that I still remember that demonstrates how starved I was to learn about non-white people’s roles in making a life for themselves in this country—even though you couldn’t have convinced me then that I had any such hunger,” continues the American literature specialist.

Sneak Peek: Graduate Lounge Remodel

March 7, 2018
Block O

In the spring of 2017, the Department of English received a generous donation from Andrea Lunsford—the Director of Stanford University's Program in Writing and Rhetoric, former director of Ohio State's Center for the Study of Teaching and Writing (1997 to 2000) and current Department of English Advisory Council member—to remodel our beloved but downtrodden Graduate Lounge.

Obsession Story: Dorothy Noyes and Opera

March 5, 2018
Block O

For this series, we reach out to a member of the department who has a very particular obsession and ask them to share it with the world. In this edition, Professor Dorothy Noyes shares her fascination with opera.