MFA Requirements

Students in the MFA program must complete 39 semester hours of graduate-level course work, including:

  1. Fifteen (15) hours of graduate creative writing workshops (we encourage, but do not require, 3 hours in a genre other than the student's declared major genre). Workshops are repeatable.  (Students may take more than the minimum number if they choose, and when working outside their "home" genres may take either the .01 or .02 sections.  The .02 sections are designed for writers with little experience in those genres.)  The workshops we offer are:
    • English 6763.01 Graduate Workshop in Poetry (3 credits)
    • English 6763.02 Graduate Workshop in Poetry for MFA Students in Fiction or Creative Nonfiction (3 credits)
    • English 6765.01 Graduate Workshop in Fiction (3 credits)
    • English 6765.02 Graduate Workshop in Fiction for MFA Students in Poetry or Creative Nonfiction (3 credits)
    • English 6768 Graduate Workshop in Creative Nonfiction (3 credits)
    • English 6769 Graduate Workshop in Creative Writing - Special Topics (3 credits)
    • English 6764 Graduate Workshop in Screenwriting (3 credits)
  2. Nine (9) hours of English other than creative writing courses. A maximum of 3 hours of Independent Study may be counted toward fulfilling this requirement.  English 6781 (Introduction to the Teaching of First-Year English) may be counted toward  this total. Students are encouraged, but not required, to choose additional courses from OSU's broad offerings in literary studies, including the study of narrative, as well as folklore, film, linguistics, and other areas.
  3. Three (3) hours of a course in literary forms (English 7871). Forms of Poetry and Forms of Fiction or Nonfiction are offered every year.  Topics vary; this course may be repeated.
  4. Three (3) hours of electives in related areas (e.g., other art forms such as music, theater, or the visual arts; philosophy; history; literature as offered by departments other than our own, such as foreign language departments; comparative studies–or another relevant course approved by the student's advisor).  Courses must be taken at the graduate level (5000 level or above).  (Other elective courses, not counted toward credits required for graduation, may be taken at any level.)
  5. Nine (9) hours of creative thesis tutorial (English 8998); and an approved creative thesis, followed by an oral defense.