Students Entering With BA

Under semesters, a minimum total of 36 credit hours is required to earn an M.A. on the way to the Ph.D. Typically, students who enter the program with a B.A. will earn the M.A. at the end of their second year.

Course Requirements for the M.A.

  • 8 graduate-level courses taken for letter grades (24 semester credit hours). These must include:

English 6700.01: Introduction to Graduate Study in English (3 credits)
A course in Critical Theory (3 credits)
Two courses to fulfill the Breadth Requirement (6 credits)

  • 4 graduate-level courses taken for S/U grades (12 semester credit hours). These caninclude:

English 6781: Introduction to the Teaching of First-Year English (3 credits)
English 8903: Teaching College English (3 credits, repeatable)
English 6998: Research in English: Portfolio Preparation (variable credit hours)
English 8193: Graduate Workshop (1 credit)

*Note: Courses chosen to satisfy the Critical Theory and Breadth Requirements will be determined by students' specific areas of focus, aligned with their research and teaching interests, and selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Additional Requirements for the M.A.

  1. Preliminary Program of Study
  2. Portfolio Project
  3. Advising Meeting

Full descriptions of these requirements are available on the Program Components pages.