Portfolio Project

Students who enter the program with a B.A. will typically complete their Preliminary Program of Study (PPOS) and Portfolio Project, which become part of the Advising Meeting, in the Spring Semester of their second year. Students who enter the program with an M.A. will typically complete these requirements in the Spring Semester of their first year.

By week 7 of the Spring Semester, the student will prepare a Portfolio that includes:

  1. A Preliminary Program of Study (PPOS), signed by the student’s advisor (see separate page).
  2. A short Statement about the student’s pursuit of interests outside the regular curriculum and the major field (e.g., attendance at workshops, lectures, readings, and other such activities).
  3. A Research Project, which can be a traditional academic essay, a new media composition, and so forth, as determined in consultation with the student's faculty advisor.

Typically, the Research Project will have begun in a course and been subsequently revised with a broader academic audience in mind and with a clear articulation of how its argument and methodologies fit within ongoing conversations in the relevant field or fields. The student should be working toward potential publication of the project, and/or toward its integration into her or his dissertation.

Students who enter the program with an M.A. may use a project begun in a course in their M.A. program.